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Signature Family Sessions

With current technology, everyone is essentially a photographer using their cell phones and tablets, taking snapshots everywhere they go. The difference between a cell phone "snapshot-ographer" and a portrait photographer is the end result.

Pastores Photography will capture these memories and create art pieces you can share and pass along through generations. Pastores Photography is an onsite/on-location studio. You choose a location and we will orchestrate your experience. We recommend a more personal documentary approach to young families. We will have a few set classic poses and then we move ahead to capture those precious moments of cuddling on the couch or relaxing on a picnic blanket. Maybe your kids pushing mom on the swing, hanging upside-down on the monkey bars or just running through a grassy field. These various settings are natural and simple but will express the love and closeness of your family.

Galvez Family - Tualatin, OR

Depending on ages and patience level our normal 60-90 minute session may be reduced but we still guarantee 30 image options. Our lead photographer, Kevin Pastores, can relate as he has 2 young daughters of his own and can be flexible as children are often unpredictable.

Once your Family Session is finished, we take your images and make them even better with our Signature editing! We take about a week so be prepared in a week or two to view and order your portraits.

Roe Family - Wilsonville, OR


Be sure to be on time for your session, better yet, come 10-15 minutes early. This will give you time to get your family gathered and organized so you can get more out of your Family Session time.

If you want to bring a family heirloom to have us focus on, even a family pet...that's cool! We encourage all family members whether they are 2 or 4 legged! Keep in mind with your 4-legged members, make sure to bring a leash or even a friend that can hang out with your pup during certain poses.

Matching outfits as a family are great! We suggest not wearing all white or busy patterns. Outdoors we suggest some earthy tones (browns, greens, yellows, reds). Maybe have a couple options - bring solid color jackets to easily switch out.  Make sure to have you and your family dress comfortably.  We usually don't do crazy poses but be comfortable for both sitting and standing.  

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